What we offer
Magic Script providing the ability to innovate during the sales process can be the difference between getting the sale or losing the sale.
  • Easy Install
    Easily integrate into any existing website.
  • Unique online tools
    Interact with customers online.
  • Mirror in-store experience
    It's like walking customers directly to products they are looking for.

Its no secret, every business must offer potential customers all the help they need to reach their final decision. If you treat them well and offer them the proper customer care experience, they’ll reward you in the long term!

What we offer is easy to implement web-based technology that has been designed to enhance the customers overall experience. We have created tools allowing you to interact and gain additional control of the sale process. Enabling you to interact with a customer online just as if you would with them if they were standing in front of you in your brick and motor store. A tool that will become a strong component of your customer care experience, referred to by customers as an experience that’s not only convenient but quite magical.

We understand that all businesses have different requirements and situations, so we designed the tools in a way that can be add to your website and be configured to work with your desired sizes and colors for a seamless integration. Once registered and a package has been configured we will provide you with a simple script to copy and paste into the header of your site and that’s it. This means your employees and your customers don’t have to download anything to be able to interact with our tools.

Choose Your Plan
  • Free $0 per month
    Details with this package
    1. One website 1 users allowed
    2. Free for 30 days
    3. Purchase
  • Websites, SMS and Reviews $30 per month
    Details with this package
    1. One Website Allowed
    2. 15 users allowed
    3. Purchase
  • Websites and SMS $20 per month
    Details with this package
    1. One Website Allowed
    2. 10 users allowed
    3. Purchase
  • Websites $10 per month
    Details with this package
    1. One website 5 users allowed
    2. Purchase
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